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This student magazine geared toward kids in elementary and middle school will be delivered to classrooms quarterly and will also be available online.

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Yak's Corner is a 12-page news magazine for kids ages 6-13 that's filled with stories about Michigan places, events and people. You'll also find news briefs from around the world in "Yakking About the News" and "Kids in the News" lets your students see how kids across the county are making news. "Your Page" is a look at student art or writing. Each issue is written with the objective to engage young readers with informational text that is both educational and entertaining.

Yak’s Corner will be published in October, December, March and May and can be accessed in two ways.

  1. All editions will be available at www.yakscorner.com, along with our roundup of "Yaktivities" based on the content in that issue. "Yaktivities" includes two pages of content quizzes, a vocabulary activity and a word search for students and a separate teacher's page that includes an answer sheet and discussion starter. And the teacher's page shows the correlations between the content in each issue with Common Core State Standards..
  2. All editions will be offered in print, delivered at no cost to schools in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties (place your order here)

Yak's Corner for 12/05/2016

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Yak's Corner Archive

Download Yak's Corner and the Yaktivities worksheet here each week

Yak's Corner will be published in October, December, March and May during the 2016-2017 school year. Print delivery is offered free to schools in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties that also order free access to Detroit Free Press or Detroit News e-editions. Order here.

Yak's Corner Favorite Book Character Contest
Sponsored by Michigan K.I.D.S., Inc.

Now is time to start thinking about your favorite book characters! Yak’s Corner asks all students in first- through sixth-grade to draw pictures of their favorite book characters.

Students should draw using their brightest, boldest colors on unlined white 8½ by 11 paper. The entry form includes space for students to write about what makes the character their favorite. Entries must be postmarked by February 1, 2017.


To encourage exploration of superior children's literature, drawings have to be based on a fictional character that is NOT originally from a television show or film. That means no SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora or Pokémon drawings! Yak's Corner personnel select first- through third-place winners and honorable mentions. Entries are judged initially on artwork merit (70 percent), then writing skill (30 percent). If drawings are judged to be equally well-done, judges look at how well the entrant answered why a character was a favorite when selecting and ranking the winners.

Prizes: First- through third-place winners receive Barnes & Noble Gift Cards in the amounts of $40, $30, $25. Yak's Corner will feature artwork by the first-place winners in the May issue and on dnie.com. Certificates of Participation will be emailed to teachers who email their request to cathyyaknews@gmail.com.

On behalf of Yak's Corner personnel, please extend our thanks to the students who share their favorite fictional book character in pictures and words. Their artistry, creativity and ability to explain why they chose their character always makes it difficult to recognize the work of just a few students for special merit.

Click here to see last year’s winners.