News Quiz for Feb. 13, 2017

Q: Florida legislators will debate a revived plan to let high school students count what subject toward foreign language requirements?

A. Sign language

B. Computer coding

C. Scientific formula notation

D. Shorthand
Q: Sadie Kurzban, who grew up in Key Biscayne, owns two workout studios called 305 Fitness in what city?

A. Miami

B. Los Angeles

C. Boston

D. New York
Q: A national company honors Coral Gables High senior Annie Farrell for . . .

A. Communityservce

B. Athletic skill

C. Academic achievemnt

D. Life-saving action
Q: An eclectic mix of musicians and singers performed last weekend at a three-day Miami Beach festival named what?

A. Ultra Music Festival

B. Winter Music Conference

C. GroundUP Music Festival

D. Wanee Music Festival
Q: The Miami Heat are on a 14-game winning streak as this week starts -- true or false?

A. True

B. False

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