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About NIE

Teachers, give your students the world at their fingertips, at no cost to you!

Winner of 20 Pulitzer Prizes, the Miami Herald Media Company (MHMC) provides the best journalism in South Florida. MHMC's NewsMedia in Education (NIE) program strives to promote literacy through readership, at no cost to participating classroom teachers.

Today's students want immediate news and entertainment in a digitized format using the latest software, and that's what NIE offers, with complete access to the Miami Herald Digital Newspaper and other resources. For Spanish lessons, teachers turn to the award-winning el Nuevo Herald - one of our nation's premier Spanish-language newspapers.

NIE provides subject-specific lesson plans for every grade level that are compatible with the Florida Standards.

Our NewsMedia in Education (NIE) program is entirely funded through subscriber donations and sponsorships from advertisers. Access to the digital newspaper as well as any printed themed sections are freely available to all Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe County school teachers who request it.

Why educators use the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald in the classroom.

  • Service to the NIE Website is available 24/7, wherever there is Internet connection!
  • The digital newspaper engages the student and the world, and creates a master reader.
  • Serves as an excellent source of vocabulary development and language acquisition.
  • Provides an infusion of sentence structure, figurative language and stresses critical & analytical thinking.

Weekly Lessons (updated every Monday)

Use the Miami Herald to spark classroom discussions.
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Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.

This Weeks's lesson:
Poland radar image 'almost certainly Nazi train'

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This Weeks's lesson:

Backlash: Presidential hopeful Donald Trump antagonizes Hispanic voters and media

Republican candidates and national leaders have worked hard for years to attract more Hispanic voters. Those efforts now are being hurt by a businessman who seems to be the party's most popular presidential hopeful at this early stage. Donald Tr...

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Be a Butterfly Hero
Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

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You'd think a degree from Yale would be a sure bet for landing a high-paying job. But, the Ivy League school doesn't even rank among the 40 schools in a study of the average salaries of millions of graduates.  The State University of New York Maritime College ranked first in the report by PayScale, and was followed by another small college with a strong engineering program Harvey Mudd College. California's Harvey Mudd ranked first in a study of where to go to get the greatest earnings in return for your tuition.

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This Weeks's lesson:
Poison Ivy - Control

An unexpected discovery may lead to a new way of controlling Poison Ivy.

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-- Sep 4, 2015

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This week's word in the news: POSTHUMOUS


Occurring or continuing after one's death

By favoring personal privacy over a family's wishes, the companies hope to appeal to the unspoken will of their users while also lessening the bureaucratic hassle of complying with millions of posthumous requests.
The San Jose Mercury News -- 08/31/2015

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This Weeks's lesson:

Is junk science fooling food junkies?

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The Cartoons for the Classroom Caption Contest will return with the September 14 lesson!

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Thinking about how you think can become confusing, making the brain one of the most complicated organs to study. NBC Learn’s eight-part video series on the brain is divided into easily-understood concepts, which together create a broader view of how versatile and mysterious the human brain can be.

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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