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Big Horn Sheep - Tracking
Field biologist Janene Colby tracks Big Horn Sheep in the sweltering heat of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
-- Sep 23, 2016

Big Horn Sheep - Cliff Dwellers
If a desert big horn sheep feels threatened, it's all uphill from there.
-- Sep 22, 2016

Big Horn Sheep - Temperature
Desert big horn sheep come equipped with a variable internal "thermostat" which allows them to survive in triple-digit temperatures.
-- Sep 21, 2016

Big Horn Sheep - Superb Desert Dwellers
Desert big horn sheep have adapted to withstand extreme dehydration with ease.
-- Sep 20, 2016

Katydids and Crickets - Thermometer
Telling the temperature by sound.
-- Sep 19, 2016