Language/Arts Curriculum ideas:

  1. Print your name. Cut each letter of your name from The Columbus Dispatch and glue it below the corresponding letter you printed.
  2. Cut a capital and lower-case letter for each letter of the alphabet from The Columbus Dispatch. Glue each set of letters to a separate page to create an alphabet book. Search the newspaper for pictures of items that begin with each letter and glue them on the corresponding page.
  3. Ask an adult to help you print several color names on paper. Look through The Columbus Dispatch for pictures or print with those colors. Cut and paste them with their matching color name.
  4. Use the car ads in The Columbus Dispatch. Cut out and paste on a sheet of paper several words used to describe the car/truck/motorcycle you might like to own some day. Draw a picture of that vehicle and use the words you cut and pasted to write two sentences to describe it.
  5. Look through The Columbus Dispatch to find pictures of ten objects you could find in your house. Divide a paper into rooms in your house. Paste the objects in the room in which one could find them in your house. Who might use each item?
  6. Find news photos that have captions or photo stories with them. Cut them out and ask an adult to secretly mark them and cut the photos from the articles. Scramble the photos and articles and then try to rematch the photos with the correct article.
  7. In The Columbus Dispatch, find a news story. In the lead or first paragraph, the most important facts are given. As you are reading, look for the 5Ws and H - the who, what, when, where, why and how of the story. Circle, label, write, or discuss them as you locate them.
  8. Clip a lost and found ad from the newspaper. Add to the information given and write a story describing how the article was lost and what might happen next.
  9. Ask an adult to take a comic strip from the daily or Sunday comics of The Columbus Dispatch and cut it apart into frames. Reassemble it in the correct sequence. Could it be sequenced differently and still make sense? Explain your reasons. Explain what clues you used to find the correct sequence.
  10. Look through a sports page. Circle many of the action words. List ten of them and think of a word that has the opposite meaning for each. What would a sports story be like if it used the words you listed as opposites?