Mathematic Curriculum ideas:

  1. Select a page of The Columbus Dispatch and circle all the even numbers on the page.
  2. Cut numbers from The Columbus Dispatch and place each on a blank card. Write or cut matching number words from the newspaper on a second set of cards. Cut and paste matching numbers of items on a third set of cards. Use the cards for matching and rummy games.
  3. Draw a large shape on each sheet of newspaper. Look through The Columbus Dispatch for items of similar shapes. Cut them and paste them in the large matching shapes.
  4. Select five ads with prices for products from The Columbus Dispatch. Round the price to the nearest dollar or ten dollar amount. Add up the rounded prices. Use a calculator, if needed, to add the real prices. What is the difference between the rounded and real prices?
  5. Find several ads for the same or nearly the same product. Compare the prices. Put them in sequence lowest to highest.
  6. Find different items in The Columbus Dispatch ads that you'd like to get as presents. How much would they all cost?
  7. Cut a recipe out of The Columbus Dispatch. Cut the recipe in half. Next try to double the ingredients.
  8. Measure the front of The Columbus Dispatch. Figure out the length, width, perimeter and area. Then do this with various sized advertisements.
  9. Find. a classified job ad that gives an annual salary. How much would that come to per month? Per week? Per day?
  10. Pick eight stocks you'd Iike to buy and ask for help in identifying the initials for those companies on the stock market page. Using the Business section of The Columbus Dispatch find the value of 100 shares of each stock. (Companies may list a stock's value at 21 1/4 meaning the stock is $21.25 per share.) You might start a small journal and check that stock price at least one time a week so you could see if it went up of down. You could graph its progress. Would you want to own this stock?