Social Studies/Health/Science Curriculum ideas:

  1. Choose some photos of people from The Columbus Dispatch that show how they feel. Categorize them under words such as happy, sad, surprised, angry, etc. Select two photos and write a sentence for each that tells what may have made that person feel that way.
  2. On a large sheet of paper, make two large circles that overlap in the middle. Cut from The Columbus Dispatch items that you prefer and glue them in the circle on the left. Cut items which you think your favorite adult or friend likes and glue them in the circle on the right. Cut and place items you both like in the over-lapped area between the outer circles. Talk about your choices with the person you chose. Did'you know the adult/friend as well as you thought?
  3. Read a pet sale ad from The Columbus Dispatch. Make a list of all the things that pet would need. Discuss rules about caring for such a pet.
  4. Pretend you have $25 to feed yourself for a week. Find food ads that give you prices, and make meal plans of nutritious foods.
  5. Write "Who Am I? on a sheet of clean paper. Look through The Columbus Dispatch for words, phrases, photos, etc., that tell something about yourself. Cut and paste them on the sect of paper. Talk about your choices.
  6. Find the weather report in today's newspaper and compute the differences between the high and low temperatures for each of the cities listed. Which locale had the greatest change? Find that area an a world map.
  7. List three sports you expect to see pictures about in the Sports section. Find those pictures if you can. List any safety equiprnent and rules that help keep players, referees or umpires, and fans safe.
  8. Look through The Columbus Dispatch and list 10 people who are in the news. Explain why they are in the limelight.
  9. Scan the sports pages. On a map of the United States, locate all the cities with teams mentioned in that section.
  10. On a sheet of paper, list the following at the top: local, state, national, and international. Look through the front section of the newspaper for news articles that fall under one of the four titles. List the headline, section and the page number where the news item was found.