Using the newspaper bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world living, helps foster global awareness and understanding of local issues, creates informed citizens, offers examples of conflict and resolution and fosters reading, thinking and writing skills. Below are some helpful hints for using the newspaper with young people at all levels.

Hints for inexperienced newspaper users and younger children:

  1. "Zero" in on one article by folding the newspaper to one quarter size or "boxing-in" the article with markers.
  2. Give out just one section or page of the newspaper at a time.
  3. Use photos, graphics, large fonts in headlines, summaries and ads.
  4. Circle words and letters, cut and paste parts, etc. Use the newspaper to address the younger child's need for tactile and physical involvement.

Hints for experienced newspaper students:

  1. Let students have some "free-reading" time before you start. This time will allow them to check out their favorite sections first and then be able to concentrate on planned lessons.
  2. Have students keep a journal to record their thoughts about articles they read, lessons and skills they learn, reactions to commentary by editors, remarks about musical performances and movies they have seen, etc.