UN admits role in Haiti cholera epidemic

Q: The United Nations is saying for the first time that it was involved in the introduction of cholera to Haiti and needs to do “much more” to end the suffering of those affected, estimated at more than 770,000 people. Where is Haiti?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The outbreak has been tied to Nepalese troops who were deployed as part of a UN peacekeeping operation. Cholera is endemic in Nepal which is located in which Asian mountain range?

A. Alps

B. Andes

C. Himalayas

D. Rockies

Q: Cholera has killed more than 9,200 people in Haiti since contaminated sewage flowed from a UN camp into the nation’s largest river 2010. The UN said in 2012 that it would spend $2.27 billion to eradicate cholera in Haiti and its closest neighbor . . .

A. Cuba

B. Dominican Republic

C. Jamaica

C.Puerto Rico

Q: Cholera is spread by water or food contaminated with human feces containing the bacteria. Less than a quarter of the people have access to a toilet in Haiti – the poorest nation in the . . .

A. Americas

B. Northern Hemisphere

C. World

D. All of the above

Q: The cholera contamination in 2010 hit a nation already devastated by what disaster that same year?

A. Hurricane

B. Invasion

C. Civil war

D. Earthquake

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