Bomb threat empties schools across Canada’s Prince Edward Island

Q: Authorities on Prince Edward Island evacuated all schools and universities across Canada’s smallest province last week after a bomb threat that forced thousands of students to be moved to protected locations. Where is Prince Edward Island on this map of eastern Canada?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The evacuation affected about 19,000 students. With a land area of 2,195 square miles, Prince Edward Island is slightly larger than which state?

A. Connecticut

B. Delaware

C. Hawaii

D. Rhode Island

Q: With a population of about 146,000, Prince Edward Island has a nearly 20,000 fewer people than which of these state capitals?

A. Hartford, Connecticut

B. Lansing, Michigan

C. Salem, Oregon

D. Springfield, Illinois

Q: Prince Edward Island is in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence where the Saint Lawrence River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The water in the Saint Lawrence River comes from . . .

A. Lake Champlain

B. Lake Ontario

C. Lake Superior

D. All of the above

Q: Who were the first Europeans to colonize Prince Edward Island?

A. French

B. English

C. Dutch

D. Spanish

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