Czechs ready for fake news ahead of elections

Q: A new Czech unit to combat fake news is preparing fight disinformation campaigns ahead of two key elections. Where is the Czech Republic?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Czech officials said they did not have specific information that the nation’s elections were threatened “but the news coming from abroad … is very alarming.” An official cited reports from the country’s western neighbor . . .

A. Austria

B. Germany

C. Poland

D. Slovakia

Q: According to counter-intelligence officials, which nation is trying to infiltrate Czech media and the Internet to spread disinformation and propaganda to harm relations with the United States and NATO?

A. China

B. Pakistan

C. Russia

D. Slovakia

Q: The role of Czechia’s president is limited. Who heads the nation’s government?

A. Prime minister

B. Parliament

C. King

D. Federal council

Q: The fall of which nation finally allowed the Czech Republic and its neighbor Slovakia to become independent countries?

A. Austria-Hungary

B. Kingdom of Bohemia

C. Germany

D. Soviet Union

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