Arizona gets too hot for some planes to handle

Q: Dozens of flights were canceled last week at Arizona’s largest airport because the airplanes could not operate at temperatures above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Where is Arizona?

Circle the area on this map

Q: It was mostly regional flights that were canceled at Sky Harbor International Airport which serves Arizona’s capital city. What is the capital of Arizona?

A. Austin

B. Phoenix

C. Santa Fe

D. Tucson

Q: It reached 119 degrees in Phoenix last Tuesday and 124 degrees in the hottest spot in the nation. What state has recorded the highest temperature?

A. Arizona

B. California

C. Nevada

D. Utah

Q: A new study finds that 30 percent of the world’s people are exposed to potentially deadly heat for 20 days per year or more. Researchers cited a 2003 heat wave that killed approximately 70,000 people in . . .

A. Africa

B. Asia

C. Europe

D. South America

Q: Climate change also has been tied to more intense jet stream winds high altitudes that are making flights bumpier as well as creating stronger headwinds or tailwinds for high-flying jets. The jet stream SPEEDS up U.S. flights heading which direction?

A. East

B. West

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