Boring, Oregon, finds friends in Dull and Bland

Q: Boring, Oregon, and Dull, Scotland, two small communities united by unexciting names, have joined forces with a third: Bland Shire, Australia. Where is Oregon?

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Q: Dull and Boring became sister communities in 2012, after a Scottish woman passed through the U.S. town. Last week, Bland Shire joined them in a club dubbed the League of Extraordinary Communities. Bland Shire is in an Australian state called . . .

A. New South England

B. New South Hampshire

C. New South Scotland

D. New South Wales

Q: An official in Dull said they may invite other communities to join them including Ordinary, an unincorporated community not far from the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. That settlement is in which U.S. state?

A. Florida

B. North Carolina

C. Virginia

D. Massachusetts

Q: There are other U.S. towns with unusual names. The community of Deadhorse is located at the end of the Dalton Highway next to the oil fields in which state?

A. Alabama

B. Alaska

C. Arkansas

D. Arizona

Q: You can go to Hell in what peninsular state?

A. Michigan

B. Minnesota

C. Mississippi

D. Missouri

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