Terrorist drivers kill 14 in Spain

Q: A van rampaged through a crowd in Barcelona, Spain, last week, killing 13 people and leaving 50 in the hospital, some in critical condition. The following day in the nearby town of Cambrils a car rammed passersby, killing one woman. Where is Spain?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Many of the victims were foreign tourists visiting the popular vacation spots on the shore of what body of water?

A. Bay of Biscay

B. Iberian Sea

C. Mediterranean Sea

D. Strait of Gibraltar

Q: Spanish authorities were still searching over the weekend for the driver of the van in Barcelona. But after killing five attackers and arresting four suspects, the government believed it had dismantled the cell of Islamic militants responsible for the two attacks. Spain suffered a much deadlier terrorist attack in 2004 in its capital city . . .

A. Lisbon

B. Madrid

C. Seville

D. Valencia

Q: Barcelona and Cambrils are in the Catalonia region of Spain. Catalan lawmakers voted in 2015 to secede from Spain but were overruled by the courts. What other group has sought independence from Madrid?

A. Basques

B. Castilians

C. Moors

D. Vandals

Q: What other nation has been the site of a vehicle attack on pedestrians?

A. Britain

B. Sweden

C. United States

D. All of the above

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