Bomb kills journalist who exposed Malta’s ties to tax havens

Q: A Dutch forensic team is helping investigate the car bomb slaying of a journalist who scrutinized links to offshore tax havens by Malta’s top politicians and other powerful figures. Malta is a small island nation 50 miles south of Sicily. Where is it on this map?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, examined Maltese links to financial and legal documents leaked from a law office in the isthmus nation of . . .

A. Aruba

B. Italy

C. Panama

D. Singapore

Q: Caruana Galizia wrote that the wife of Malta’s prime minister, the nation’s energy minister and the government’s chief-of-staff had offshore holdings in Panama to  to hide payments from Azerbaijan's ruling family. Where is Azerbaijan?

A. Africa

B. Eurasia

C. Oceania

D. South America

Q: Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his wife denied hiding payments from Azerbaijan. Malta’s type of government is a . . .

A. Parliamentary republic

B. Federal republic

C. Constitutional monarchy

D. Direct democracy

Q: Where else have journalists been murdered after challenging politicians and other powerful figures?

A. Philippines

B. Russia

C. Turkey

D. All of the above

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