Sweden’s crown jewels are stolen

Q: Thieves stole priceless royal artifacts in a daring raid on a Swedish cathedral before escaping by speedboat, police said. Where is Sweden?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Two crowns and orb made for the 17th century funerals of a Swedish king and his wife were stolen last week from the Strängnäs Cathedral near the nation’s capital . . .

A. Copenhagen

B. Helsinki

C. Oslo

D. Stockholm

Q: Which country is NOT a constitutional monarchy like Sweden?

A. Denmark

B. Finland

C. Norway

D. All of the above

Q: Police said several thieves were involved in the jewel heist. They fled in an open-topped motorboat across Lake Malar from the base of the church. The lake drains into what sea east of Sweden?

A. Baltic

B. Barents

C. Beaufort

D. Bering

Q: Swedish police logged the theft with Interpol, an international organization for police cooperation that Sweden helped form in 1923. Sweden is NOT a member of which international body?

A. Council of Europe

B. European Union

C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

D. United Nations

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