France drops fuel tax hike amid 'yellow vest' protests

Q: The French government last week dropped plans for fuel-tax increases in the face of violent “yellow vest” protests over living costs. Where is France?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The protests sparked the worst rioting in half a century in the nation’s largest city. What is France’s largest city?

A. Lyon

B. Marseille

C. Paris

D. Toulouse

Q: The French government said it was raising fuel taxes for what purpose?

A. Cut climate change

B. Cut budget deficit

C. Increase defense

D. Repair France’s roads

Q: Where were carbon dioxide emissions expected to actually decrease this year?

A. China

B. European Union

C. India

D. United States

Q: The fuel-tax increase ignited growing anger over growing living costs for average French workers. France has become the most highly taxed among the world’s 36 most developed countries. Citizens of which of these nations pay the second highest taxes?

A. Denmark

B. Greece

C. Israel

D. United States

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