U.S.-China trade talks could bring a presidential summit

Q: The U.S. and China are making progress toward a trade deal, each side says. President Trump met last week with China's vice premier, head of a visiting delegation, and said it may take at least another month to reach what he calls an "epic" agreement that ends a tariffs dispute. Where is China?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Our country bought more than $539 billion worth of Chinese products last year. What is the largest category of goods coming here from China?

A. Plastics

B. Machines

C. Furniture

D. Toys and sports gear

Q: Now for the flip side: What is the largest category of items among $120 billion worth of goods that we sell to China annually?

A. Farm products

B. Machinery

C. Vehicles

D. Aircraft

Q: China is the world's largest country. How many people live there?

A. 1.4 billion

B. 500 million

C. 2 billion

D. 970 million

Q: Switching to cities, which is China's largest in terms of population?

A. Beijing

B. Shanghai

C. Guangzhou

D. Chongqing

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