Fox travels 2,175 miles across the arctic in 76 days

Q: The journey of a young arctic fox, which trekked more than 2,175 miles from Norway across Greenland to Canada in just 76 days, has stunned researchers. Where is Greenland?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The coastal fox started her journey from Norway’s Svalbard islands and crossed the frozen Arctic Ocean to Greenland, which is part of . . .

A. Denmark

B. North America

C. Both

Q: The islands traveled by the fox are connected seasonally by sea ice. The island of Greenland is world’s . . .

A. Iciest

B. Largest

C. Least densely populated

D. All of the above

Q: Researchers say climate change is threatening the sea ice necessary for arctic foxes to migrate and find food. Rising temperatures in the Svalbard Archipelago is threatening what other resource?

A. Whales

B. Seeds

C. Oil

D. Coal

Q: Soaring arctic temperatures this year sped up melting on Greenland’s ice sheet. How much would sea levels rise if all of Greenland’s ice melted?

A. 7 meters

B. 7 feet

C. 7 inches

D. 7 centimeters

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