‘Wrong man’ from Eritrea freed after 3 years in Italian prison

Q: A victim of mistaken identity, an Eritrean man extradited to Italy for people smuggling was freed last week after spending three years in prison insisting that he was not who prosecutors said he was. Where is Eritrea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Despite DNA evidence and witness testimony, prosecutors maintained that the imprisoned farmer was really a notorious Eritrean smuggler linked to the deaths of 359 migrants who drowned near an Italian island in which body of water?

A. Black Sea

B. Mediterranean Sea

C. Red Sea

D. Weddell Sea

Q: Eritrea’s name is based on the ancient Greek name for which body of water northeast and east of the country?

A. Black Sea

B. Caribbean Sea

C. Red Sea

D. Weddell Sea

Q: The creation of modern-day Eritrea is a result of a colony formed in 1890 by which European nation?

A. Britain

B. Germany

C. Greece

D. Italy

Q: The British Military Administration controlled Eritrea until 1952 when the UN made territory a semi-independent part of what nation on its southern border?

A. Ethiopia

B. Kenya

C. Somalia

D. Sudan

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