Puerto Rico’s governor resigns after protests

Q: Gov. Ricardo A. Rossello of Puerto Rico announced his resignation last week, saying he could no longer credibly remain in power after widespread protests and the threat of impeachment. Where is the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Rossello was already reeling from allegations of corruption when when revelations of obscene online chats mocking women, gays and hurricane victims set off the protests. Puerto Rico is a U.S. . . .

A. Autonomous dependency

B. Colony

C. Federal district

D. Territory

Q: When Rossello announced he would resign on Aug. 2, protesters on the streets of territorial capital broke into celebration. What is the capital of Puerto Rico?

A. Christobal

B. Columbia

C. San Juan

D. Santo Domingo

Q: In 1898, the United States took over hundreds of islands around the world including Puerto Rico. Which of those island territories was NOT acquired in the Spanish-American War that year?

A. Guam

B. Hawaii

C. Philippines

D. Puerto Rico

Q: That war with Spain was triggered by the explosion and sinking of a U.S. warship visiting the largest island in the Caribbean Sea ...

A. Cuba

B. Hispaniola

C. Jamaica

D. Puerto Rico

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