Online videos spark protests over corruption in Egypt

Q: Protests erupted in Egypt last week after online videos accused Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi, his wife and top army generals of stealing millions of taxpayer dollars to build a luxury hotel and a seaside palace, among other projects. Where is Egypt?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The protests scattered across the country were small, but any protests under al-Sisi’s military-led regime are extremely rare and dangerous. Dozens of people were arrested after a protest in Egypt’s capital . . .

A. Alexandria

B. Cairo

C. Memphis

D. Thebes

Q: Earlier this month, President Donald Trump referred to el-Sissi as “my favorite dictator” and said “he’s done a fantastic job in Egypt. Not easy.” Egypt ranks fifth among nations receiving U.S. foreign aid. Which nation received the most U.S. aid in 2017?

A. Afghanistan

B. Iraq

C. Israel

D. Jordan

Q: A former contractor who got rich for the working military posted the videos that triggered last week’s protests in a nation where a third of its people live in poverty. With nearly 100 million people, Egypt is Africa’s . . .

A. Most populous nation

B. Second most populous

C. Third most populous

D. Fourth most populous

Q: The protest in Cairo took place in Tahrir Square where protests in 2011 helped drive out former president Hosni Murbarak after 30 years in office. The protests were part of the “Arab Spring” protests that began in what north African nation?

A. Bahrain

B. Jordan

C. Syria

D. Tunisia

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