Ecuador’s president moves government to avoid protests

Q: President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador last week moved the seat of his government from Quito, the capital, to the coastal city of Guayaquil more than 150 miles away in an attempt to protect his government from large protests against austerity spending cuts. Where is small nation of Ecuador in northwestern South America?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The austerity measures were imposed to slash the nation’s staggering debt. Ecuador also is coping with a flood of refugees from economic collapse and violent protests in what larger nation in northeastern South America?

A. Argentina

B. Chile

C. Peru

D. Venezuela

Q: South America is not the only part of the world hit by street protests. More than a thousand climate protesters were arrested in the European Union’s largest capital city . . .

A. Berlin

B. London

C. Madrid

D. Paris

Q: Last week, the National Basketball Association got caught up in a controversy over massive protests in which east Asian city?

A. Hong Kong

B. Manila

C. Singapore

D. Tokyo

Q: More than a hundred protesters have been killed this month during demonstrations by young men against government corruption and economic struggles in what southwest Asian nation?

A. Algeria

B. Egypt

C. Iraq

D. Tunisia

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