French woman not French enough for Quebec

Q: Quebec authorities ruled that because a French citizen wrote one chapter of her doctoral thesis in English her level of French language fluency wasn’t sufficient to obtain a certificate she needs to permanently settle in the Canadian province. Where is the province of Quebec?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Emilie Dubois, who grew up speaking French, said one out of five chapters of her thesis on cellular and molecular biology was in English because it was based on a published English article in a scientific journal. She received her doctorate from a French university in Quebec’s capital ...

A. Montreal

B. Ottawa

C. Quebec City

D. St. John's

Q: Quebec’s authorities jealously protect the status of French as the official language of a province surrounded by English-speaking North America. Quebec came under British control 1763 after France’s defeat in what war?

A. French and Indian War

B. Seven Years’ War

C. War of Conquest

D. All of the above

Q: After that war, the British expanded the Province of Quebec’s borders all the way to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Which one of these present states was NOT part of that expanded province?

A. Illinois

B. Iowa

C. Michigan

D. Wisconsin

Q: During the Seven Years’ War, the British deported about 11,500 French-speaking Acadians from their land near the eastern coast of Canada. Where did many of those deportees end up?

A. Louisiana

B. Ohio

C. Texas

D. Wisconsin

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