Australia’s wildfires choke Sydney

Q: As nearby wildfires raged out of control last week, Australian officials canceled outdoor events and warned residents to avoid the choking clouds of smoke enveloping the city of Sydney. Where is Australia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Sydney is Australia’s . . .

A. Capital

B. Driest city

C. Largest city

D. All of the above

Q: Australia’s long drought is tied to a climate phenomenon in what ocean east of the continent?

A. Atlantic

B. Indian

C. Pacific

D. Southern

Q: The wildfires were out of control last week, and firefighters worried it could get worse this week when temperatures near Sydney were expected to top 100 degrees. What season is it in Australia?

A. Late spring

B. Late summer

C. Late fall

D. Late winter

Q: Australia’s fires can be seen from space and have even turned glaciers red more than a thousand miles southwest in . . .

A. Antarctica

B. Argentina

C. Chile

D. New Zealand

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