16 die as volcano erupts in New Zealand

Q: New Zealand officials say 16 people were killed and many more were severely burned in an eruption last week as 47 cruise ship tourists visited White Island – the exposed tip of a mostly undersea volcano on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Where is the island nation of New Zealand on this zone earthquakes and active volcanoes?

Circle the area on this map

Q: White Island is about 140 miles southeast of New Zealand’s largest city . . .

A. Auckland

B. Hobart

C. Port Moresby

D. Sydney

Q: White Island is New Zealand’s most active cone volcano, and it is called “te puia whakaari” or “the dramatic volcano” by indigenous people. Who are the indigenous people of New Zealand?

A. Ainu

B. Maori

C. Quechua

D. Sami

Q: New Zealand has been the site of most supervolcano eruptions over the last million years, including the most recent. Where was the last eruption of a supervolcano in what is now the United States?

A. Alaska

B. Hawaii

C. Washington

D. Wyoming

Q: Other than Yellowstone and Taupo, there was just one other supereruption in the last million years. It was the largest and occurred on the on the island of Sumatra in which modern nation?

A. Indonesia

B. Japan

C. Papua New Guinea

D. Philippines

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