Croatia’s attorney general steps down for being a Freemason

Q: Croatia’s attorney general quit last week after top officials threatened to fire him for being a member of a Freemason fraternal organization. Where is the crescent-shaped nation of Croatia on the Balkan Peninsula?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Over the last 400 years, members of the Freemasons have both risen to positions of political power and been persecuted and killed. Some religions ban membership in Masonic groups. What is the leading religion in Croatia?

A. Eastern Orthodox

B. Lutheran

C. Roman Catholic

D. Sunni Muslim

Q: Croatia declared its independence from what nation in 1991?

A. Austria

B. Czechoslovakia

C. Soviet Union

D. Yugoslavia

Q: Masons have been accused of secretly plotting to create a society based on liberty, equality, fraternity and religious tolerance. Who banned Masonic groups in Croatia?

A. Communists

B. Fascists

C. Both

Q: Seven new nations replaced the former state of Yugoslavia. Which of these Balkan nations was NOT part of Yugoslavia?

A. Albania

B. Kosovo

C. Montenegro

D. Slovenia

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