Finland is still the ‘happiest’ nation

Q: The Finns pride themselves on their “sisu” - stoic determination and the ability to act rationally in the face of adversity, like a pandemic. But, Finland’s people once again were ranked last week as the “happiest” on Earth. Where is the Nordic nation of Finland?

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Q: The 2020 World Happiness Report is not about how much people laugh or smile, but it measures how satisfied and confident people are about their lives and future. Which nation on Finland’s northern border ranked fifth in the report?

A. Estonia

B. Norway

C. Russia

D. Sweden

Q: All of the “happiest” nations are relatively wealthy, ranking among the 50 nations with the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per person. Which of these is the richest?

A. Denmark

B. Finland

C. Luxembourg

D. Switzerland

Q: While wealth may not necessarily bring happiness, poverty and conflict definitely bring misery. Which nation ranks at the bottom of the happiness report?

A. Afghanistan

B. Central African Republic

C. Rawanda

D. Zimbawe

Q: Finland and the other Nordic nations always rank in the top 10 in the happiness rankings. Which of these top five nations is NOT one of Europe’s Nordic countries?

A. Denmark

B. Iceland

C. Norway

D. Switzerland

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