NATO welcomes North Macedonia

Q: The North American Treaty Organization (NATO) welcomed North Macedonia as the alliance's newest member last week, ending a long process that included a change to the country's name. Where is the Balkan nation of North Macedonia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Macedonia renamed itself North Macedonia in a deal to settle the objections of what NATO member on its southern border?

A. Albania

B. Bulgaria

C. Greece

D. Serbia

Q: North Macedonia constitutes about a third of the region that was once the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. Who was the most famous Macedonian in history?

A. Alexander the Great

B. Cyrus the Great

C. Darius the Great

D. Xerxes the Great

Q: North Macedonia is the 30th nation to join the NATO military alliance of European and North American countries. Many of the newer members members of NATO are former members of what rival alliance during the Cold War?


B. Entente

C. Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact

D. Warsaw Pact

Q: North Macedonia is the fourth nation to join NATO that was once part of the former Yugoslavia. Which of these NATO members also was once part of the former Yugoslavia?

A. Albania

B. Bulgaria

C. Montenegro

D. Romania

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