Peru is running out of oxygen for coronavirus patients

Q: Peru’s hospitals don’t have enough medicinal oxygen to treat a growing wave of patients suffering from the novel coronavirus. Local health official claimed that hundreds of people have lost their lives because of the shortage of oxygen tanks. Where is the South American nation of Peru?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The COVID-19 pandemic is growing rapidly in the region. Peru’s eastern neighbor removed months virus data from its website as the nation’s death toll became the third largest in the world. Which nation borders Peru to the east?

A. Brazil

B. Chile

C. Colombia

D. Ecuador

Q: With nearly 36,0000 deaths, Brazil ranks third in the number of deaths right behind which nation?

A. France

B. Italy

C. United Kingdom

D. United States

Q: Peru’s president ordered industrial plants to ramp up production or purchase oxygen from other countries. One academic said, “Peru, with the Amazon, has the lungs of the planet, and we’re dying because of lack of oxygen.” What produces the most oxygen in the world?

A. Amazon rainforest

B. Africa’s vegetation

C. Ocean microorganisms

D. World’s farmlands

Q: Peru’s most severe shortages of medicinal oxygen have been in its Amazon region. About 60 percent of the rainforest is in Brazil, followed by Peru with 13 percent. Which of its neighbors contains nearly as much of the Amazon as Peru.

A. Bolivia

B. Colombia

C. Chile

D. Ecuador

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