Statue of king who brutalized Congo is removed in Belgium

Q: After Black Lives Matter protesters burned and splattered it with red paint, a statue of King Leopold II was removed by officials in Belgium. Protesters are demanding the removal of all statues of the king whose brutal rule over the Congo led to the deaths of 10 million Africans. Where is Belgium?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Leopold ran what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo as his private property from 1877 to 1908 and amassed a huge personal fortune from ivory and rubber. Men, women, and children were forced to produce rubber and their hands were amputated if the failed to meet quotas. Leopold even put some Congolese in a human zoo. Where is DR Congo?

A. Northern Africa

B. Southern Africa

C. Central Africa

D. Eastern Africa

Q: Belgian protesters are not the only demonstrators taking aim at Europe’s racist colonial past. Why did protesters in Bristol, England, pull down a statue of a man named Edward Colston and dump it in a river?

A. He colonized southern Africa

B. He was an Atlantic slave trader

C. He was a West Indies slave owner

D. He conquered and colonized India

Q: Anti-racism protesters in Richmond, Virginia, also tore down a statue last week and dumped it into a lake. Whose statue was torn down?

A. Christopher Columbus

B. Nathan Bedford Forrest

C. Thomas Jefferson

D. Robert E. Lee

Q: Anti-racist protesters have demanded the removal of statues of Gen. Robert E. Lee and other Confederates who fought to protect slavery. What Virginia city was the site of protests over the planned removal of a Lee statue led to the death of a woman in August 2017?

A. Charleston

B. Charlottesville

C. Chattanooga

D. Charlevoix

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