World War II map starts a treasure hunt in the Netherlands

Q: Amateur treasure hunters took to the fields of the Netherlands last week armed with metal detectors and a map believed to mark the spot where German soldiers hid millions of dollars in gold, silver and jewels during World War II. Where is the small country of the Netherlands on the North Sea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I, but Adolf Hitler’s troops invaded the country in 1940 during World War II. Germany borders the Netherlands to the ...

A. North

B. East

C. South

D. West

Q: The hunters are looking for treasure reportedly buried by German soldiers who looted a bank after an explosion in August 1944. That is the same month Nazi agents arrested 15-year-old Anne Frank and her family, who had been hiding for two years in an attic in the Netherlands’ largest city and capital ...

A. Amsterdam

B. Rotterdam

C. The Hague

D. Utrecht

Q: While Amsterdam is the constitutional capital of the Netherlands, The Hague is the de facto capital and seat of the parliament, cabinet, supreme court and monarch. It also is the home of international justice. Which one of these institutions has jurisdiction over war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity?

A. Europol

B. International Court of Justice

C. International Criminal Court

D. Permanent Court of Arbitration

Q: After nearly 80 years and earlier failed searches by the government, it is unlikely that amateur treasure hunters will succeed. The map released to the public last week had been taken from a German soldier after Allied troops liberated the Netherlands in 1945. That liberation was led by which of the World War II Allies?

A. Britain

B. Canada

C. Soviet Union

D. United States

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