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Australian Dawn

Launching our new expanded format with one of my favorite recordings, dawn at Grampians National Park in Australia. Headphones on -- this is a beautiful soundscape!! The park, located west of Melbourne, is managed by First Nation Australians. Their traditional name for the area is Brambuk. This episode includes an excerpt from an interview with Alan Burns, who when this recording was made in 2006, was the park's Cultural Heritage Protection Officer. We welcome your questions and insights at or via the contact link at

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-- Jun 6, 2022

Final Radio Broadcast

A look back at 34 years of Pulse of the Planet as we celebrate our final radio broadcast.

Pulse of the Planet will continue as a weekly podcast!!

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-- Jun 3, 2022

Appointment with Nature
Everything you notice in the natural world can point you toward another change happening at the same time of year. Think of it as keeping your appointments with nature. John Hawkins recorded the bird sound as part of this interview.

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-- Jun 2, 2022

Change of Seasons
A morning walk in the rolling hills of northern Georgia takes place amid an ever-changing soundscape.

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-- Jun 1, 2022

Fly Fishing - Art and Science
It's the height of fly fishing season in New York's Catskill Mountains, home to some of the finest trout streams in the world. 

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-- May 31, 2022

From Jim Metzner, Producer of Pulse of the Planet
Sacred Mounds, a novel of historical fantasy offering an
exciting glimpse of Native American life in pre-colonial times.
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