Produced by NBC News Learn, the educational division of NBC News, in partnership with the US Capitol Historical Society, “We the People” is an original five-part video series that explores the US Constitution. Follow a group of middle schoolers on a tour of Washington, DC, as they learn about the system of government it created and some of the lesser-known figures that made it all happen.

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We the People: National Archives
Once a vision for the United States of America, crafted by our founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence is preserved as living proof of our history at the National Archives and Records Administration.

We the People: The White House
The president of the United States serves as the chief executive and commander of the armed forces, all defined in Article II of the Constitution as the executive branch.

We the People: U.S. Capitol
Of the three branches of our government, many believe that the most important is the one directly elected by "We the People": the legislative branch, represented by the two houses of the U.S. Congress at the Capitol building.

We the People: George Mason
The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are known as our Bill of Rights, which serve as a guarantee for our freedoms. But these amendments almost didn't happen.

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