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The Learning Forum program (previously known solely as Newspapers in Education) is an entity of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. We are a program available to students, teachers, and families.

The Learning Forum, a newspapers in education national initiative, is a program that allows public and private school teachers to order newspapers at a discounted rate for their classroom. With that being said, The Learning Forum is so much more than simply "ordering newspapers." It can be as simple as that - or you can participate in a multitude of online activities, the Kidz Forum, supplements, workshops, interactive contests and various programs available such as our serial stories.

Whether you read online through our e-edition, in-forum, print or participate through our weekly lessons page, you will find The Forum is the most economical and up-to-date tool available that will teach you something new every day.

The biggest reason you should consider learning with The Forum is because proven statistics show, students who read the newspaper receive higher test scores than students who do not.

To learn more, visit our weekly lessons page and peruse our widgets or click on our current programs.

Delivery problems? To help us deliver on our pledge for the best delivery service possible, please notify us immediately if your school's address or phone number has changed or is about to change. For all delivery service issues - such as new orders, cancellations, change to service, missed newspapers, etc. - please call our office at 701-241-5519.

Late or missed newspapers? Please call The Forum's Customer Service Department at 701-241-5445. Temporary, same day delivery of The Learning Forum newspapers can be requested in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Place an order by going to the "order" tab on the top of the menu bar. Or feel free to call our office.

It's our goal to make every one of our programs and services everything you could expect it to be. If at any time you find the level of service not to your liking, contact our office at or 701-241-5519 and we'll do our utmost to make it right.

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