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Please Note:

Beginning June 24th, 2020 we will be reducing the frequency of our printed paper to 2 days per week - Wednesday and Saturday. The impact of the pandemic has accelerated our evolution to a digital world. Where our content used to be produced exclusively for the print newspaper, now we are publishing news as it breaks online. Because digital is such a large part of our news operation, it’s important that we seek out support from those who are engaging in our content in that space so we can keep telling the stories of our communities

We will be publishing the exact replica of the paper 7 days a week online in our e-edition!

Check out the e-edition online!

What is it?

The E-edition is a digital copy of The Forum newspaper, minus the inserts. It can be read on a computer screen, just as it is read in hard copy. The e-edition is a searchable, downIoadable and sharable PDF version of The Forum. It can be installed on your library’s home page (or any page) and accessed through your school’s IP address. An IT professional from The Forum will travel to your school to install the e-edtion.

How much does it cost?

There is a $100 one-time setup fee, then it is an annual fee of 22 cents per student, per calendar year. ie) a school with 1500 students would pay $330/year plus the $100 installation fee the first year.

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Typical Holidays:
Sept. 7th – Labor Day;
Oct. 15-16 – NDCEL/MEA;
Nov. 11th – Veterans Day Observation;
Nov. 26-29 – Thanksgiving;
Dec. 24 - Jan. 1 – Winter break;
Feb. 17 - Presidents’ Day;
April 19-23 - Spring Break;
May 25 – Memorial Day

You do not have to select dates outside your start and end dates.

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  Teacher Scoop (Monthly Kid Scoop e-newsletter) If you participate in the Kidz Forum and like Kid Scoop, you’ll like this newsletter!
  Yes! Contact me about the e-edition, we might be interested in getting the e-edition set up.
  Nerd Alert, In-paper series (Wednesdays)
  Yes, sign me up for the Kidz Page. Your class will be assigned a date to be featured in The Forum and you will have to submit materials 2 weeks prior.
  Have I already signed up for Kidz Page? Please send me an e-mail reminder.