Welcome to The Learning Forum

The Learning Forum program (previously known solely as Newspapers in Education) is an entity of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. We are a program available to students, teachers, and families. We have also expanded our services to meet educational needs of the public as a whole. While home-school and the public are not eligible to receive scholarships for newspapers, we do provide educational tools and contest opportunities at no cost, included with a Forum subscription.
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The Learning Forum, a newspapers in education national initiative, is a program that allows public and private school teachers to order newspapers at a discounted rate for their classroom. If teachers cannot afford newspapers, there are scholarships available to help provide newspapers. If you need a scholarship, please select "sponsored" when placing your order.

With that being said, The Learning Forum is so much more than simply "ordering newspapers." It can be as simple as that, if you choose - or you can participate in a multitude of online activities, the Kidz Forum, supplements, workshops, interactive contests and programs available to you.

The Forum is the most economical tool you can bring into your classroom and because of the generosity of our Learning Forum sponsors; we can provide these papers to you at little or no cost.

The biggest reason you should consider using The Forum in your classroom is because students love to read the newspaper and it's their preferred way of learning. Proven statistics show, students who read the newspaper receive higher test scores than students who do not.

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