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Manual Quezon (1876-1944): Filipino. Political leader. An attorney who became majority leader of the first Philippine Assembly under U. S. rule in 1907, Quezon later served as resident commissioner in Washington D. C. In this capacity, he advocated independence for his country. As president of the Philippine Senate from 1916 to 1935, he helped to craft the 1934 laws that granted commonwealth status to the Philippines and promised full political independence in ten years. In 1935 he was elected president of the commonwealth.

Rose Hum Lee (1904-1964): Chinese American. Educator and writer. Rose Hum Lee was a sociologist who produced pioneering studies of Chinese-American communities in the United States, including the 1960 book The Chinese in the United States of America. She taught at several institutions, including Roosevelt University and Phoenix College, and was active during World War II in relief organizations that sent aid to people in China.

Constitution Day: Hungary. This day commemorates the adoption of the first Hungarian constitution in 1920.

Joyce Chen (1918-1994): Chinese American. Chef, restauranteur, and writer. After immigrating to the United States with her family in 1949, Joyce Chen developed a career from her knowledge of classic Mandarin cooking. Through her restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, her Joyce Chen Cookbook, and eventually her nationally broadcast PBS program iJoyce Chan Cooksi, she popularized Mandarin cuisine in the United States, expanding Americansi knowledge and appreciation of Chinese cooking beyond the Cantonese dishes that had been the standard fare of Chinese restaurants in this country. She died on this date.

Independence Day : Ukraine. This day commemorates the Ukraineis gaining independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.