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Bat Jam - Pulse of the Planet 23Feb18

In a cave full of flying bats, why don't they get in each other's way? 

-- Feb 23, 2018

Swarming - Pulse of the Planet 22Feb18

On city sidewalks we can walk without bumping into each other. Is that Swarming?

-- Feb 22, 2018

Preventing Lyme Disease 21Feb18

Planning a walk in the woods? Some tips on avoiding ticks.

-- Feb 21, 2018

Lyme All the Time 20Feb18

Disease-carrying ticks can be active year-round.

-- Feb 20, 2018

Lyme Disease is Spreading. 19Feb18

Since this report was initially filed, the CDC now estimates there are 300,000 cases of Lyme in the US each year.

-- Feb 19, 2018