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For Grades 9-12 , week of May 27, 2024


Justice Clarence Thomas criticized the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which ended racial segregation in schools, suggesting that the court overstepped its authority. Thomas argued that the decision led to excessive judicial power and may have contributed to ongoing racial inequality in schools. While Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark ruling for civil rights, recent reports show that racial segregation in public schools has been increasing, despite efforts to promote diversity. This trend coincides with the growth of charter schools and school choice options, as well as a shift in focus among civil rights groups away from desegregation efforts. Thomas’ statements were part of a concurrent opinion by the Supreme Court that reversed a lower court’s ruling that South Carolina’s redrawn congressional maps discriminated against Black voters in the state. Research Brown v. Board of Education and the effect it had on our modern school systems, as well as school segregation today. Then, write an article that draws connections between the two eras and how Justice Thomas’ comments fit into that context.


Taylor Swift continues to dominate the music industry, selling millions of copies of her latest album and achieving her eighth Billboard No. 1 album since 2020. She recently resumed her billion-dollar stadium tour, and her songs are streamed billions of times. Some compare her success to iconic artists like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Swift's ability to evolve her sound, connect with fans, and adapt to changes in the music industry has contributed to her continued success. While it's hard to make direct comparisons between artists from different eras, Swift's achievements place her among the greatest musicians of all time. Look at the New York Times’ infographics about Taylor Swift and her achievements as compared to other artists and consider the power of visual data in storytelling. Write a paragraph about what statistics you would use to tell this story and how you would visualize them in a creative or unique way, including any multimedia elements you would use to grab the reader’s attention or tell your story.


Tyler Thompson, a 21-year-old American, got caught up in a failed coup attempt in Congo. His family said he was on vacation with friends and had no prior involvement in politics. Tyler's friend, Marcel Malanga, who invited him on the trip, was arrested by Congolese forces. Marcel had been trying to convince their high school friends to join him on the trip, which he pitched as a vacation or service trip. Tyler's involvement shocked his friends, who described him as laid back and not prone to conflict. The U.S. State Department warns against travel to Congo due to violent crime and civil unrest. Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the attack and offered U.S. assistance in the investigation. The U.S. Embassy is waiting for evidence from the Congolese government before providing consular services to the arrested individuals. Write an article that summarizes these events, using research to explain the current political situation in Congo.


Global leaders have been working on a treaty to tackle future pandemics, but they haven't reached an agreement yet. This treaty aims to ensure fair access to vaccines and treatments for everyone, regardless of where they live. The recent pandemic highlighted the need for better cooperation between countries. However, negotiations have been challenging, with disagreements over issues like sharing virus data and compensating countries that provide it. Some worry that the treaty might interfere with national policies, but it's mainly focused on improving global health security. Despite the setbacks, many believe that reaching a deal is crucial to prevent future pandemics. While there’s no easy answer to how to prepare for a future pandemic, write an opinion article that shares your thoughts and ideas of how the world should approach this complex issue. Use research to back up your claims.


The NCAA and five big conferences are settling a massive antitrust lawsuit, agreeing to pay nearly $2.8 billion. This settlement could change college sports, letting athletes get paid for things like endorsements starting in 2025. It's a big shift from the old rules that said athletes couldn't make money while in college. The deal still needs a judge's approval, but it could mean big payments for thousands of current and former college athletes. Schools might have to share millions of dollars in revenue with athletes each year. There are still many details to work out, and more lawsuits might come up. But overall, this settlement marks a huge change in how college sports operate, moving them closer to pro sports. Write an article that summarizes how this case would affect the different people involved, from current, former, and future student athletes to universities, coaches, and college sports viewers.