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December 12, 2017 : CK in another newsroom

One of our reporters met another reporter this week and tells us all about how Fox31 does journalism. We'll also have some book reviews, a look at a new, clever robot and a new social medium to let kids under 13 text, message and video chat with each other. We'll also learn about how air pollution harms babies and find our next-to-last chapter of Ariadne.
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December 05, 2017 : Getting ready for the holidays!

CK offers you an extra selection of toy and book reviews this week, as well as some hints on ways you can make fashions from things you'd throw away! You'll also learn about a volcano, about a hazard for dogs and about why some scientists want to ban glitter.
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November 28, 2017 : CK Goes To the Movies

Two movies are reviewed in this week's CK: Coco, which you've certainly heard about, and "The Man Who Invented Christmas," a special for the season. We've also got reviews of the new Rick Riordan and Mr. Lemoncello books, plus an important novel for older readers. Add coverage of the new government in Zimbabwe and a hopeful bit of research for athletes and you've got plenty of reasons to read!
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November 21, 2017 : CK's Holiday Movie and Shopping Guide

We add an extra page this week to give you more toy reviews for your holiday shopping, plus a look at two new movies in theaters now. We also go to a YA/Teen book conference, learn about a disease hitting deer herds and a very wierd shark. Then, to continue the holiday theme, we'll look at the Mayflower Compact, signed this day in 1620.
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