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January 15, 2019 : It's all downhill from here!

CK goes behind the scenes at a Men's Super G race, reviews a robot coding device and a novel about coding, as well as two other books. We also take a look at the tsunami when the dinosaurs died, food allergies and how an astronaut called 911 from space!
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January 08, 2019 : Three Movies!

CK is back after the holidays with three movie reviews, a look at Avi's latest novel, coverage of a memorial for the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School and a visit to Antarctica, as well as news of Britain's fight against childhood obesity and more adventures among the voyageurs!
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December 18, 2018 : CK is swinging!

This week, CK swings in with a review of the new Spider Man movie, then floats on down with Mary Poppins. We also review a complicated, hi-tech game and a behind-the-scenes Star Wars book, then catch up on an old news story with a happy ending and remember the first time we saw the Earth.
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December 11, 2018 : An old favorite and new things, too!

CK goes to "A Christmas Carol," then reviews two fun toys and two good books. Then we add in two funny stories about animals, a serious look at flag etiquette and Antoine's last touch of civilization before he heads into wilderness.
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