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What is the e-edition?

Our e-edition provides an exact replica of the print version of The Daily Sentinel. As they can with the traditional newspaper, students may check out each day's headlines and flip through pages via the computer.

Why is it worthwhile to have access to this version?

The e-edition engages students using a medium in which they are very comfortable. Students can use keyword searches to find information in each section of the paper. They can copy and paste articles. They can read stories and hear them as well, thanks to the Audio feature. They can even translate articles into Spanish and ten other languages!

Teachers may use this version to focus students' attention on just one article of interest. Teachers who use a SMARTBoard(c) may display a page or sections of a page.

The e-edition is green. Newsprint is decreased, thus saving trees and the fuel spent to deliver the print product.

How much is it?

Nada. Zip. Nothing. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, this electronic edition is provided at no charge to teachers and students.

Do students need to use the same computer every day?


May I use the e-edition outside of school?

It is not meant to replace a regular home subscription, either by a teacher or student. However, we understand how precious time is for teachers and that you might want to use the e-edition to create a lesson plan at home on your free time; we can only applaud you for your devotion. We must note that this service should be used an educational resource tool only and ask that you respect its use.

May I access previous e-editions?

Yes, you may access previous weekday e-editions up to two years prior to the current date.

May I use the e-edition even if I do not have computers for all my students to use?

That is fine, as long as you intend to use the e-edition in an educational setting as an instructional tool. You may, for example, use your e-edition with a SMARTBoard(c) or Promethean Board(c) or an LCD projector. If you assign a lesson based on the e-edition, students may later work on the lesson on a different school computer, such as in the library.

May I share my licenses with another teacher?

We request that each teacher order the number of licenses he or she needs. NIE is required to provide a reasonable accounting of how many students are actually using the e-edition. If each teacher who uses the e-edition is documented, we then present precise figures to our newspaper auditors each year.

How do I sign up?

Click on Order Form above or e-mail

We require that teachers indicate the highest number of students who will be using the e-edition in any class during the day. (For example, if one class has 22 students and another has 25 students, request 25 to ensure that enough licenses are provided.)

May I have training for using the e-edition?

Certainly. Just call or e-mail, using the information below.

What if I have trouble logging in or have additional questions?

Call us or drop us an e-mail: 970/256-4299 or

Step onto any school campus and you'll feel its energy. Each school is turbocharged with the power of young minds, bodies, hearts and spirits.

Here on the Western Slope, young citizens are honing and testing their skills to take on a rapidly changing world. Largely thanks to technology, they are in the midst of the most profound seismic shift the world has ever seen.

Perhaps no time in our history has it been more important to know what our youth are thinking, feeling and expressing.

The Sentinel is proud to spotlight some of their endeavors. Read on to see how some thoroughly modern students are helping learners of all ages connect with notable figures of the past.

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