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Common Core State Standard
RH.CCS.7 Grades 6-12: Students are asked to locate a country or geographical area on a map, connecting information with a specific location. Then, students answer a series of quiz questions based on a current news event happening in that location. Students must combine their prior knowledge with information presented in the question to determine the correct answers.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia target dissidents in the U.S. -- 04/24/2023

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Q: Egypt and Saudi Arabia, both U.S. allies, are using surveillance and threats to silence their critics and rights activists inside the United States, according to a report by the Freedom Initiative, a nonprofit rights organization. Where are Middle East neighbors Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

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Q: The report maintains that U.S. officials have not made a substantial effort to curb such repression by these allies, while last week federal agents arrested two New York residents who were accused of operating "secret police station" for which U.S. rival?

A. China

B. Iran

C. North Korea

D. Russia

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