African-American History
In the third grade at Harlem Academy, Doretha Wynn Edgecomb, 7, and James Hargrett were King and Queen of May Day, 1950. Edgecomb is now a member of the Hillsborough County School Board. James Hargrett is a former Florida State Representative and senator. Times photo

Black History Month

Black History Month is officially celebrated in the month of February. However, throughout history, in every month, generations of African Americans struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society. The credible resources on this page will help teachers and students learn more about this rich history. Decades of not treating people with equality and respect spawned the civil rights movement. The Civil War ended in 1865. Yet it took black Americans many decades and a long difficult fight to get what Abraham Lincoln had intended them to have: equality. Learn more with the informational texts referenced.