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Chulalongkorn Day: Thailand. This day commemorates the death in 1910 of King Chulalongkorn the Great, who abolished slavery in Thailand.

Durga Puja: Hindu. This is a fall festival that honors the Mother-goddess, Durga. It is a ten day festival. The days of observance are October 24 (Maha Saptami), October 25 (Maha Ashtami) and October 26 (Vijaya Dasami).

United Nations Day: United Nations. This day commemorates the founding of the United Nations in 1945.

Miriam Kressyn (1912-1996): Jewish American Yiddish actress. Born in Bialystok, Poland, Kressyn came to the United States in 1025 and, along with her husband, Seymour Rechtzeit, was a primary force in the survival of Yiddish theater in the United States. Together, they were known as the romantic idols of Yiddish musicals. Considered by many to be the first Lady of the Yiddish Theater, Kressyn taught Yiddish theater at Queens College in New York and for * 40 years she and her husband broadcast in Yiddish on WEVD in New York City. *This is the day of her death.

So Jae-P'il (Philip Jaisohn): (1866-1951) Korean American. Physician and activist. After participation in a failed political movement in opposition to Korea's Japanese rulers, So Jae-P'il fled to the United States, where he eventually earned a medical degree. He returned to his country and founded a newspaper, The Independent, but was asked to leave again. So jae-P'il eventually settled permanently in the United States, where he practiced medicine and continued to be active in the Korean independence movement. He was able to return to his country for a visit after it was liberated from Japanese rule in 1945.

Ohi Day: Greece. This day commemorates the resistance of the Greeks during World War II to the Italian army's invasion in 1940.